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Stacked Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does the 4.50% Stacked savings bonus work?

    Similar to the regular monthly savings bonus, the Stacked savings bonus refers to monthly payments from PrizePool equal to a 4.50% annualized return based on the available balance of the account.

    **4.50% Stacked savings bonus effective 6/1/2023

  2. How does Stacked Trial work?
    A Stacked Trial is 30 days in length and start when you agree to the Stacked Terms and the Trial. During the Trial, you have the same benefits of Stacked. At any time, you can manage your Stacked Membership. If you leave auto-renew "on" for Stacked, we will charge you the full amount of the Stacked membership fee (billed annually) to your account. If you disable auto-renew of Stacked during the Stacked Trial, we will not charge you after the trial has ended. After the Stacked Trial has ended, Stacked Trial will not be offered to you again.

  3. Do I have to pay for Stacked to continue using PrizePool?

    No. All PrizePool members can continue enjoying PrizePool’s benefits without having to sign up for Stacked. Please refer to this chart to compare the benefits between PrizePool and PrizePool Stacked.

  4. What is the total cost of a Stacked membership?

    Members can enjoy all of Stacked’s benefits for only $10/month, billed annually ($120/year). There are no hidden fees, no extra charges, and no minimum balance required.

  5. Are my funds safe with Stacked?

    Absolutely! Deposits are held with Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC and its bank partners. Learn more here

  6. Will I be able to deposit and withdraw money any time with Stacked?

    Yes, your funds remain liquid while in Stacked. You can deposit and withdraw at your discretion your available balance.

    Tip: You can request Level 2 withdrawal limit for accounts over $10,000. Contact Support for more details.

  7. Can I cancel my Stacked membership at any time?

    Stacked members are able to cancel their membership at the end of the 12-month or one-month period. Upon cancellation, your account will revert to the regular PrizePool experience, which earns a 0.3% savings bonus.

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