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Ticket Balance & Weekly Drawing Guide
Ticket Balance & Weekly Drawing Guide
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Ticket Balance

Ticket balance introduces the ability for customers to save & use their tickets after earning it. Customers can decide how many tickets they want to enter into the weekly drawing within the (PrizePool) app. Tickets in your balance don't expire if they're not used for the current drawing. When tickets are used and entered, they will be removed from your ticket balance.

To manually enter tickets:

  1. Click 'Enter More Tickets'

  2. Enter the desired amount

  3. Click 'Submit Tickets'

    Note: Once tickets are submitted, they cannot be taken back

To automatically enter tickets:

  1. Select 'Auto submit all tickets' to have all your tickets automatically entered into the drawing each week.

    1. Auto submit is selected by default for all customers.

Series ➡️ Weekly Drawings

To simplify things, we're getting rid of the name 'Series' and will start referring to drawings as Weekly Drawings beginning January 21, 2023.

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