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How do I get started?

Sign up here! Now that you have all the details on PrizePool, signing up is simple. Click the link to get started.

What's prize-linked savings and how does it work?

Prize-linked savings works like a drawing or a sweepstakes, where customers have a chance to win cash prizes just by saving money. If you do not win a cash prize, you do not lose your deposit.

How does PrizePool offer prize-linked savings?

PrizePool is an account that combines and advances different banking models to provide a rate of 4.50% Savings Bonus if you are a PrizePool Stacked Member. Non Stacked members earn a 0.30% Savings Bonus*. And this the base rate - every week you will have a chance to win more cash prizes!

What's on the roadmap for PrizePool?

We're always evaluating more ways to help you earn more from your hard earned money. We'll be constantly evolving our prizes and tiers by providing you more options to save and grow your funds so be on the outlook for more options coming soon!

*The Savings Bonus refers to monthly payments from PrizePool equal to a 0.30% or 4.5% if you are Stacked member, annualized return based on the available balance of the account. The Savings Bonus is not bank interest, is not an annual percentage yield and is solely an obligation of PrizePool. Savings Bonus are a promotion and can be discontinued, restricted or modified at any time. No minimum balance is required to begin accruing rewards.

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