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Debit FAQ

Quick answers to frequently asked debit card questions

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How does PrizePool Debit work?

There are two types of rewards earned by spending with your PrizePool Mastercard® Debit card!

  1. For every settled transaction, you'll earn tickets based on your transaction amount that can be used for any of our games

  2. Every settled transaction has a chance to be reimbursed when you use your PrizePool Debit card, up to $2,000. There is no limit to how many times you can win a reimbursed transaction!

How do I get a physical card?

Only a virtual debit card is offered at this time. You can easily add your debit card to your digital wallet via Apple/Google Pay.

What is the process to get a PrizePool Debit card?

  1. Check your email regularly for the invite to apply in-app

  2. Apply now in the app when you've received the invite!

What is the max reimbursement?

You can win a reimbursement for your purchase of up to $2,000. Every single purchase made with our debit card is eligible to get reimbursed by us - no daily or lifetime limit!

Who issues the PrizePool Debit card?


Can I lock and unlock the card in the app?

Yes! Manage your PrizePool Debit Card from the app. Lock or unlock your card and request a replacement card if you need it.

When are tickets for my debit transaction credited?

Tickets are applied after transactions have settled. It takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days for a business to settle a transaction. You'll receive a push notification when it's settled and tickets are credited to your account!

How I will I know if my purchase is reimbursed?

You'll receive a notification from the app if your purchase won! Please note: we'll never reach out to you on social media to have you fill out any forms or request information from you if you won.

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