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Which Prize am I likely to win?

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What are you most likely to win this week; $0.20, $5, or $500 prize? You can now see your odds of which prize you're likely to win and your percentile in comparison to other's in the pool for the Weekly Drawing. To view your stats for the current drawing, check out the POOL STATS card. To view your odds of winning each dollar prize, click on View Prizes & Odds located above POOL STATS.


  • Prizes are drawn from highest to lowest prize tier. As a prize is won, it is removed after it’s been awarded which impacts the odds of what you're likely to win. Odds are calculated based on the number of tickets you have relative to tickets in the current pool and the number of prizes in each tier. For example, the below card shows this user has a higher chance of winning a mid-tier prize versus the higher prize based on their number of tickets they have earned for the current drawing. Deposit more to earn more tickets and increase your chances of winning the higher prize tier!

POOL STATS card shows the following:

  • Your Tickets – the number of tickets you have for the Weekly Drawing. Ticket balances reset at the end of each 4-Week Series.

  • Pool Tickets – the number of tickets in the entire pool for the Weekly Drawing.

  • Percentile – your ticket count percentile relative to the rest of the pool.

    • Under 25% — red

    • Between 25% and 75% — yellow/gold

    • Above 75% — green

  • Est. Pool APY - the estimated pool APY.

    Please note, POOL STATS are updated once a day in the evening Pacific Standard Time (PST).

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