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Adding your Bank via Automated Micro Deposits
Adding your Bank via Automated Micro Deposits

Connecting to your bank account via Automated micro deposits using account and routing numbers

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PrizePool uses Plaid to securely link to your bank account. In the case that your bank doesn't support Plaid's instant auth functionality, Automated Micro-deposits can be used to authenticate any bank account in the US.

The Automated Micro-deposits authentication flow is supported for ~3,200 financial institutions in the US only. Plaid will make a single micro-deposit and then automatically verify it within one to two business days.

โ€‹How it works:

  1. If your bank doesn't support instant auth but supports Automated Micro Deposits, you'll be asked to enter in your Full Name and pick which type of bank account you have.

  2. Once you enter your name and pick which type of bank account, Plaid will make two deposits that post within one business day (using Same Day ACH)

  3. Once the deposits reach your account, Plaid will automatically verify the deposited amounts within one business day.

  4. After verifying the deposits successfully, you can proceed to deposit and enter into the drawing!

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