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Sending out referrals
Sending out referrals
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Sending referrals to your contacts can be hugely rewarding! You get a 10% referral bonus on everything they win in the monthly drawings, for as long as you both use PrizePool, and they get a 10% boost on their own winnings.

To send a referral, tap the Invite Friends button on the Game Page. You can text friends individually, post to Twitter or Facebook, send emails, or copy the text to paste into a letter or print for a front yard sign. Whatever you want!

Please note, if your friends make their accounts without using the link they were sent, there's no way for us to know they were referred by you, and neither you nor your friend will receive that 10% bonus on their winnings. If the Referral Code is empty when they create their account, make sure they manually enter the code that was in the link.

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