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How do referrals work?
How do referrals work?
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When you invite your friends to use PrizePool, they get a referral code which they enter when they create an account. This way, we know they're your referrals, and both you and your friend win 10% of any weekly drawing prizes they win. Best of all, this works for as long as you're both using PrizePool!

Please note that referral prizes are limited to only weekly drawing prizes and not other prizes like debit reimbursements nor PrizeWheel prizes.

Here's an example of how this works, taking you and your friend Sarah to illustrate:

You refer Sarah to PrizePool and she wins that month's $100 prize. First of all, congratulations to Sarah, but also you both win an additional $10 each ($100 x 10% = $10).

• Sarah wins $110: $100 for her saving prize + $10 for her referral prize

• You won $10 for the month: 10% of Sarah's $100 prize.

So, in this example, just by using the referral code, the $100 prize actually means we're giving away $120!

Here's another example where two of your referrals won prizes, your friends Sarah and John.

Sarah wins the $100 prize and John wins the $20 prize. The breakdown would look like this:

• Sarah wins $110: $100 for her savings prize + $10 for her referral prize

• John wins $22: $20 for his savings prize + $2 for his referral prize

• You win $12: $10 for referring Sarah and getting 10% of her $100 prize + $2 for referring John and getting 10% of his $20 prize.

So, in that example, just by using the referral codes, $120 in prizes actually means we're giving away $144!

You can see that the more friends you invite to use PrizePool, the more chances you have to win, and the more money we're giving away. And this extra winning will happen for as long as you and your friends are using PrizePool.

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